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Riad Bouchedor

Ouarzazate, Marruecos
9 Rooms, 2 Suites
Dinning room 40 pax
About us

Wel-being, serenity and intimacy in an original setting.

The Riad is built in the form of Kasbah. Typical Moroccan construction with four corner towers, high walls and a central courtyard. In the past they were designed to live and protect themselves from attacks. Living in a Kasbah was a sign of health.

In the construction, a craftsmanship, traditional materials such as tadelak (stone polished cement), Bejmat tile-tiles (clay cooked in hand-cut pieces one by one) were used, fossil sinks…

Standard room

There are five standard rooms including 3 types of rooms: doubles, doubles with sofa and triples.

Family room

We have 2 family rooms. They have a double bed and two single beds.

Superior room

The two superior rooms are located in independent towers on the riad’s ground floor.


The two suites are located in independent towers on the riad’s grounds. The support is a dome that will allow you to rest while stargazing.

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Customer ratings

A welcoming experience
“We arrived after a long day of road and the experience was more than good. A lovely welcome from the staff and most importantly, a huge pool for us alone. With this heat you need a swimming pool in your Riad on your way to the desert. The staff was very nice and helpful, the dinner and breakfast very complete and the room clean and spacious. Little more can you ask for. I was even asked at night while walking in the garden if I wanted to use the pool or could clean it. “Nice place to stay
Pablo V.

Beautiful Kasbah Hotel

“The staff were very friendly and helpful. Beautiful pool area. It is priceless to wake up with the singing of the mujaidí in the distance. Congratulations, A 10!!.”

Guillem C.

Charming Riad
“Going back to Marrakech, after the night in the desert, this riad is a surprise, it is very nice, it is in a desolate place, but that makes it more interesting. It has a swimming pool and a very nice outdoor area. The room was very clean and comfortable.”
Mariana Varela

Very qualified people
“We are a group of Venezuelans who had a very pleasant stay and a very good attention very good food and light salad and rich chicken stew and very comfortable rooms. The pool is hot and open until a good time I recommend going out at night and looking at the extrellas.”
Jesús Rubio - Venezuela

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Amenities and Services

Free Wifi
Free Parking
Penthouse terrace
Free breakfast
Outdoor swimming pool
Air conditioning
Room service

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+212 5248-54968
Tarmigt Tigmi Jdid, 45000 Ouarzazate, Marruecos